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2019 Dates

Jan 27 - 6pm

Feb 24 - 6pm

Mar 31 - 6pm

Apr 28 - 6pm

May 19 - 6pm

Jun 15 - 6pm


Aug 6pm

Sept 6pm

Oct 6pm

Nov 6pm

Dec 6pm


Monthly Session Times:

Doors Open - 5:15pm/Service - 6:00 - 8pm

Our Story 

        Encounter started June of 2018 to get our youth united and ready to ENCOUNTER God before our youth attended FORWARD conference in Georgia. Our youth had the time of our lives at FORWARD and had an ENCOUNTER with God that changed hearts, lives, and our youth as a whole. We knew that monthly youth services were a must have ever since. 


What is Encounter?


    Encounter is a monthly youth service for youth to come together to worship, praise, celebrate victories, encourage in difficulties and most importantly, Encounter God.


Who can attend Encounter?

    Youth ages 12-21 are welcome.

Worship led byTPC Youth













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